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Sorry I didn't bold.


Name- sam
Age- 14
Location- Michigan
M/F- female


10 Favorites:
1. The Used
2. UnderOath
3. From Autumn to Ashes
4. Evanescence
5. My Chemical Romance
6. Sum 41
7. CKY
8. Third Eye Blind
9. Unwritten Law
10. Brand New

5 Least Favorites:
1. the killers
2. taking back sunday
3. d12
4. linkin park
5. ....

What's the best show you've been to? Tatse of Chaos
Why? cause I love Quinn, and I got to see him and Gerard and Bert and Frank. and I went with Chad :)

If you could meet one band you haven't, who would it be? The Used
Why? I love Quinn.


1. Chad
2. Quinn
3. music
4. Quinn's ass


1. ...cold fingers
2. spiders
3. hurricanes
4. when friends kick you so hard you bleed.

---Pictures--- Post at least 2 pictures of yourself.(We don't judge on appearance)

1--- later

2--- my computer time is up for the day

Final Question: Why do you want to be accepted? because i'm rad!
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